Good to Meet You

Hi there!  My name is K.C. and the Crow's Nest is living our dream in Yorba Linda, California and consists of myself, the tallest/kindest/most gorgeous man I know - Tim, and our two littles - Clayton (May 2014) and Ryker (October 2015).  

I spend most of my time hunting for trash trucks with my three year old and telling my youngest to slow down and stop hitting (why must they grow up so quickly?!?!)  Before my babies, I used to devour novels like crazy, would win money in fantasy football and I had over 50 TV series that I followed thanks to my DVR.  These days I am lucky if I find time to watch my current favorite This is Us each week.  My escape and my therapy is my art and my art form of choice is photography.

I specialize in lifestyle child and family photography in Orange County and was recently named Best New Emerging Child Photographer by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

I have a lot of exciting updates coming your way with my business and this website so be sure you join my email list to be the first to hear the news!  

Photo Credit: Chris Higginbottom Photography