Good to Meet You

Hi there!  My name is K.C. and the Crow's Nest is located in Brea, California and consists of myself, the tallest/kindest/most gorgeous man I know - Tim, and our two littles - Clayton (May 2014) and Ryker (October 2015).  

Acts of love are worth preserving

I spend most of my time hunting for trash trucks with my two year old and telling my youngest to slow down (why must they grow up so quickly?!?!)  Before my babies, I used to devour novels like crazy, would win money in fantasy football and I had over 50 TV series that I followed thanks to my DVR.  These days I am lucky if I find time to watch a 50 minute episode of “Unreal” each week.  My escape and my therapy is my art and my art form of choice is photography.

My newborn photography style is to produce images that showcase the baby in a natural, timeless and elegant way.  I use neutral colors, minimal props, natural fiber wraps and primarily cream or black backdrops which I believe highlight the baby in the best possible way and will keep your fine art portraits from looking “dated” in years to come.  I place a lot of emphasis on editing so that the final images that I provide are as one of a kind as the baby being photographed yet still have the feel of being natural and authentic.


Photo Credit: Chris Higginbottom Photography

With two young children of my own, I am very competent and confident handling newborns and connecting with older babies.  I have my secrets for soothing babies and getting them as curly as possible, but I do not force infants into poses and the baby’s comfort and safety is always my number one priority during the session.